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We help you turn your ideas into reality. Your success is our top priority.

At ITHAKI LLC, we are committed to helping you turn your ideas into reality. We understand that every project and venture starts with a unique and valuable idea, and our goal is to bring that idea to life as a successful business. Your success is our top priority. That’s why we provide you with our resources and expertise to bring your entrepreneurial vision to life and achieve your goals. We work with you every step of the way, from initial planning to implementation and continuous growth. With our personalized approach and commitment to excellence, you can be sure that we will be by your side to help you achieve the success you deserve.

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Our Services​

We are truly committed to helping and guiding companies in the international arena. Let us take your business to the next level.

Export Advisory

We have the knowledge and experience needed to succeed in global markets.

International Business Representations

We can help you establish your presence abroad.

Trade Missions

Explore new markets and forge partnerships with international clients and suppliers.

International Marketing Plan

​From market research to branding and promotional activities.

Internationalization Business Plans​

Analysis of market potential and regulations.

Formation of Companies Abroad

We take care of the whole process. From entity formation to operational readiness.​


What Sets Us Apart​


We strive for excellence in all our operations and services to provide exceptional results to our clients.


We communicate clearly, effectively and in different languages and contexts to meet the needs of our clients.


We introduce new ideas and methods in international business to always stay ahead.


We have an international presence and can provide solutions for companies with operations in multiple countries.​


We offer creative and innovative solutions for complex business problems.


We adapt to changes in international business to meet clients’ needs.


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